Advocaat   Africaine   Ananas  
  Fresh Cream, flavoured with the eponymous alcohol, fills this Plain chocolate   Fresh marzipan and a whole Almond, dipped in Milk Chocolate   Plain Chocolate filled with Pineapple pieces soaked in kirsch.  
  Ben Hur   Cerisettes   Cinnamon  
  Coffee buttercream with a whole walnut.   Whole Cherries, soaked in Kirsch and dipped in plain chocolate. Mind the stone!   A White chocolate mould, filled with a chocolate mousse, strongly flavoured with Cinnamon.  
  Colchester   Clover
White Chocolate filled with creamy, light Hazelnut praline

Filled with a Tia Maria flavoured light caramel.
6 different flavours, made without added sugar, so suitable for diabetics.

  Dalia   Dipped Ginger   Double Biscuit
A hazelnut praline with crunchy nougatine pieces fills this Milk Chocolate
A piece of the best stem ginger, dipped in plain chocolate.

With a centre
made of biscuit layers and soft praline
    Fruit De Mer   Ginger  
Praline filled Sea Shapes!
A Milk Chocolate, filled with a ginger syrup and ginger pieces
  Grenoble   Honey   Janet

The best Almond marzipan, with a whole Walnut on top, dipped in Plain chocolate and topped with a gold leaf.

Milk Chocolate, filled with runny Honey.
With a creamy Marc de Champagne ganache - Delicious!


Fresh cream, flavoured with Coffee in a White chocolate mould.
A creamy, soft, Strawberry filling
A Milk Chocolate, filled with a smooth hazelnut praline.

  Liqueur   Louise  

A new Chocolate filled with a really tasty Gianduja.
One of 7 liqueur types, filled into a sugar crust and dipped in Plain Chocolate.
A Plain Chocolate, filled with a strong, full flavoured, chocolate ganache
  Madeleine   Manon Vanille   Margriet  

A rich butterscotch and caramel centre in a Milk Chocolate mould.
Fresh cream, flavoured with a hint of Alcohol.
The best Marzipan in a Plain and Milk chocolate mould.
   Minerva M   Minerva P
Taste the coffee bean crunch in this chocolate

Plain chocolate, filled with a creamy almond confection
A creamy filling with finely crushed Pistachio nuts
  Mokka   Mushroom   Orangettes  
Another Plain Chocolate, filled with a Coffee flavoured mousse
White and Milk chocolate, filled with Hazelnut praline. Just like a real one!
Pieces of candied orange zest, dipped in plain chocolate.
  Pharoah   Romeo   Rose Cream  

A delightfully light and creamy praline fills this Plain chocolate.
Fresh Cream, flavoured with Grand Marnier, fill this Plain Chocolate
English made Plain Chocolate, filled with Rose flavoured fondant.
  Slab - Mountain Bar   Slab - Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts   Slab - Plain Chocolate with Almond  
Milk Chocolate Mountain Bar.
Milk chocolate with Hazelnuts.
Plain Chocolate with Almonds.
  Studentenhaver   Venus   Violet Cream  
Milk, White and Plain discs of chocolate, covered with nuts and fruit.
White chocolate, filled with a tangy Lemon Mousse.
The English made Plain Chocolate filled with Violet flavoured fondant.
  Zebra   Zerma
Orange flavoured chocolate mousse in a White mould, hand decorated with milk chocolate.
Crispy praline base, topped with a Grand Marnier flavoured filling, dipped in White Chocolate
Our Annual Milk Chocolate is filled with Hazelnut Praline with crunchy pieces
 Our range of Chocolate Truffles, especially made for us in Belgium

The newest of our Truffle range, this has a strong creamy Rum filling 
  Praline     Raspberry   Salty Caramel  


Crunchy Praline

In case you are wondering, Speculoos is a very popular, spicy, biscuit in Belgium, now crumbed into a creamy mixture as a filling!